[Bf-committers] Undo and View buttons

Simon Kazanli simonkazanli at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 17:09:32 CET 2015


I'm a disabled person and I can only interact with mouse and screen
keybord. That's why I would want to have some additional buttons for some

With the screen keyboard, it is rather inconvenient to push all the time
ctrl + z for each undo or redo step. An Undo and Redo button on would be
much easier.

Because of my disability, I also can't use the middlebutton / scroll wheel
of my mouse,so I have to use the numpad for the controlling of the view.
That's very annoying. Extra buttons for the controlling of the view (Pan,
Zoom, Orbit) like in Cinema 4D or 3ds Max.would be a lot easier, faster and
more <http://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/more.html> precise.

So, in further blender versions, it would be nice to get buttons for:

   - Undo
   - Redo
   - Pan
   - Zoom
   - Orbit


Best regards
Simon Kazanli

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