[Bf-committers] access selection order via Python (Ton Roosendaal)

Martin Pyka martin.pyka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 20:34:03 CET 2015

Dear Ton,

thx for the response.

> That info is not used by tools in Blender nor is it foreseen to be coded. I also think it's bad practices for tools to require that (especially when it's not visualized and not generic applicable).

I respectfully disagree with that. It could be useful for many purposes 
to retrieve the selection order for an operation (e.g. hierarchical 
parenting, drawing a curve through all objects).

The responses to my request here

and in particular this hack to make selection order available

demonstrates a generic interest in this feature.

Is it technically very difficult to implement it, so that it is 
available via bpy.context.selected_objects? When someone here could 
point me to the corresponding c-files, I would give it a try and check 
it out for my own. Unfortunately, I haven't any experience with Blender 
development right now.


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