[Bf-committers] access selection order via Python

Martin Pyka martin.pyka at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 22:49:28 CET 2015


I am a developer of an add-on for Blender that allows computational 
neuroscientists to create artificial neural networks from 3d-anatomical data


For one feature that I want to implement, I need to know the order, in 
which the user selected the objects. Maybe I missed something very 
basic, but as far as I can see it, these information are neither 
available within the Blender UI nor via Python!?

I think, not only for my purposes it would be very helpful, to have 
access to the selection order (when more than two objects are selected).

Is this conceptually very difficult to code? Is there any chance to get 
that information into one of the next releases?


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