[Bf-committers] What are the keyboard shortcuts not on all menus?

Ronan Ducluzeau zeauron at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 17:53:15 CET 2015

In fact, M and Q are the only letters of your keyboard that will have no
impact when you are in mesh edit mode.
Other letter that don't refer to a mesh edit operator are refering to
global or display operators available in several modes like T, N for
columns or D for Grease Pencil.

Default keymap is almost completely filling your keyboard. It is why pie
menus+ new keymap should help to access quickly to more things.

2015-02-09 17:43 GMT+01:00 Ronan Ducluzeau <zeauron at gmail.com>:

> In edge specials menu, make face is not the only operator with its
> shortcut visible.
> There is also shift E for edge crease and Ctrl B for Bevel.
> Only existing shortcuts are shown.
> If you add a shortcut for one this operator, it is shown as well.
> The underline is relative to the shortcut when menu is called.
> To sum up what happens in edit mode:
> F -> Make Face
> Ctrl E, M -> Make Edge/Face
> Ctrl E, F -> Mark Freestyle Edge.
> 2015-02-09 7:49 GMT+01:00 Knapp <magick.crow at gmail.com>:
>> What are the keyboard shortcuts not on all menus?
>> For example if you press ctr-e
>> you get:
>> make face  F
>> subdivide
>> un-subdivide
>> etc
>> Why does only make face have the short-cut F?
>> and even odder, why does the M in make face have an underline? Should we
>> not program it to underline the F as part of the menu select and not the
>> M??? Not that this really matters much but as a Blender student the
>> short-cuts are very important to have everywhere. IMOHO of course.
>> Thanks.
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