[Bf-committers] File versionning and subversion bumps

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Wed Feb 4 20:11:29 CET 2015

Hi devs,

As far as I know, each time we bump (sub) version of Blender, we should 
cleanup versionning code too, i.e. put all 'standing' versionning since 
last version bump inside a 'if (!MAIN_VERSION_ATLEAST(main, mainvar, 
subvar))' block.

 From the look of current master code, this has not been done since a 
few bumps (or only partially)? I don't think we want to keep 
'DNA_struct_elem_find()' for ever, it’s still more expansive than 

Actually, we used to have a dedicated block to regroup all pending 
versionning code… why not just always do that (we could even directly 
put it behind a '!MAIN_VERSION_ATLEAST(main, mainvar, next_subvar)' 
block, so that all you have to do when bumping subvar is to create a 
new, empty MAIN_VERSION_ATLEAST block)? It also helps for branches, you 
know in branches your code shall always be inside that block, and that’s it.


PS: if someone knows how to properly fix current fuzzy situation… I 
would be tempted to simply put every non-versionned stuff into next 
subver block?

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