[Bf-committers] MinGW support

Sergey Sharybin sergey.vfx at gmail.com
Sat Dec 26 19:08:42 CET 2015

If we're going to keep supporting MinGW it should be latest official
version. I remember we were having major issues with some system libraries
(mainly threading and OpenMP), so it makes sense to re-evaluate if those
issues are solved form MinGW side before trying to support all the
libraries we need.

As for Clang -- it totally worth checking on it and see if it's any good
replacement for MinGW, but that's a bit separate topic. Currently i'm just
trying to get all areas well maintained and not left in some semi-working
half-abandoned state.

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 10:38 PM, alekulyn <alekulyn at gmail.com> wrote:

> I talked to psyfi over IRC around half a year ago and told him I'd like
> to help with this.  There have been several complications along the way,
> such as which MinGW version we should use, rumors that clang was coming
> into the picture, and general inactivity regarding anything MinGW.
> As for which MinGW version to use, my conversation with psyfi was mainly
> about adding libraries to the mingw64_gcc49 branch he started.  To that
> end, I did compile some libraries with MinGW-W64 GCC 4.9, but I must
> have deleted them some time ago.
> Anyway, like I told psyfi, I'm willing to help with this.  Just need to
> know which MinGW version to use.
> On 12/26/2015 5:12 PM, Sergey Sharybin wrote:
> > Hey everyone,
> >
> > There are some missing precompiled libraries (sndfile, opensubdiv, OSL)
> and
> > some misng libraries update (python, SDL, OpenAL)  for MinGW.
> >
> > This makes MinGW builds quite diverged from the official builds
> feature-set
> > and lib-version wise, moving MinGW builds to the boundary where we can't
> > call it officially supported anymore.
> >
> > Additioanlly, svn:externals for mingw folders seems to be misconfigured
> now
> > and needs clean up.
> >
> > Anyone to have a look and fix all those issues?
> >
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