[Bf-committers] one commit, two dates??

Sybren A. Stüvel sybren at stuvel.eu
Thu Dec 17 09:31:18 CET 2015

Hi Hewi,

Since we moved to Git, we're using a distributed version control
system. This means that a commit is performed on the developer's local
repository at time X. After some time (seconds, minutes, days), the
developer pushes it to the central repository, let's say at time Y.
Only then does the server have any knowledge of the commit, and can it
send the email. This is the difference that you see -- a commit made
at time X is mentioned in an email at time Y.

It can even happen that commits, once they are on the server, are not
in chronological order. If you have three commits, done at times X1,
X2 and X3 in that order, then X1 < X2 < X3. However, if this is done
by different developers, they could push it to the server at different
times, and you could get Y3 < Y2 < Y1.

When you look at the git log, you only see the X times.


On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 05:56:43AM +0000, hewi jupama wrote:
> Hey all,
> Following the OpenGL change and the related commits, I find
> discrepancies in the commit dates which I can not rap my head round.
> for example: the commit 42bff8bb1, reported in svn mail d.d. 07 Dec
> 15, 11h00, indicates this commit was added to the svn mail as
> message 25 on 06 Dec 15  @19h45, but the actual commit is from 27
> Nov 15 21h36.
> On the developer diffusion repo it says this commit was made 6 Dec
> 15 19h35
> so what is it now?

Sybren A. Stüvel

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