[Bf-committers] Store default search text per operator

Jacques Lucke mail at jlucke.com
Fri Aug 28 13:10:29 CEST 2015



I'm currently working on the animation nodes and would like to use the
search popup more. This works so far but there is a problem from the
usability perspective: 

Let's say I have two operators which use the search popup with a
different item set. When I execute the first one the selected item will
also be the default in the second operator although it does not make any
sense there. Is it possible to store the default item in the search
popup on a per operator basis? 

To test this I prepared a small script with two operators: 


You can just copy it into the text editor and run it. Then search in the
spacebar menu for "Search A" and selected an item. After that do the
same with "Search B". I guess you will see the 'problem'. 

Thanks in advance 

Jacques Lucke 

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