[Bf-committers] Weekly Blender developer meeting notes, 23 August 2015

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Aug 23 18:03:20 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting in irc.freenode.net #blendercoders.

1) Upcoming 2.76 release

- Projects planning:

- Meeting agrees on moving to BCon4 status - which means bugfix only, no new features.
  Testbuilds will be made available this and next week. Everyone is invited to visit the bug tracker again!

- OpenVDB branch was close to ready, but still in development. 
  Also due to holidays it's wiser to move that to another release.

- Splash for the release: competition proposal will be sent to the maillist tomorrow.

2) Other projects

- Asset management: Bastien Montagne is cooking up 'live ID replacing' and a method restore lost data.

- Blender 2.8 "Workflow" project: Ton Roosendaal will propose a roadmap planning this week.
  This Blender Conference will be an interesting one!

- Siggraph results report will be published this week.



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