[Bf-committers] Ask for advice to prepare applying Blender GSOC

Ounan Ding ounanding at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 05:38:57 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I will be a graduate student in University of California, Riverside(UCR)
this fall.
I am eager to participate in Blender GSOC in the next year.
May I ask for some advice here?

* What I have tried in Blender developing
During my undergraduate time I worked for a 3D printing company.
We use Blender's Python interface to implement tools for geometry

After I finished my undergraduate study I started to work for Tencent(a
game company).
I got experience in artistic tools design(for particle system) and graphics

I accepted admission from UCR and then quit my job on June, 2015.
At the same time I started to learn Blender coding.
I take notes here: http://thebusytypist.github.io/learnblenderdev-site/

Currently I am still learning modifier's system and BMesh system.

* How to choose a direction and then make it a proposal?
I have seen the plan for future 2.7x release and visions on Blender 3.0
from Ton.
Must I choose a direction that tightly adheres to Blender's release

As a applicant to GSOC,
am I supposed to compose a proposal independently first
and then discuss with a mentor to fit my ideas into Blender project?

Or I should contact a mentor first and form a preliminary proposal idea
then I refine this idea into a proposal?

* Which way is the mostly suggested to learn Blender coding in depth?
Currently I have following ideas to improve my skills on Blender coding
before I apply GSOC:

1. Resolve bugs in Blender.
2. Focus on one single subsystem of Blender(e.g. BMesh, Physics, or Cycles
3. Look at as many subsystems as I can for a broad understanding of Blender.

Which one is the mostly suggested?

I understand there are so many competitive applicants every year that my
proposal may be rejected.
But I think the preparation for GSOC itself can be an opportunity to learn
Blender coding.
And I am always willing to contribute to Blender community.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

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