[Bf-committers] suggestions for the tracking tools

Vicente Carro vicentecarro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 12:36:35 CEST 2014


Right now I'm using, at work, other software for doing tracking. So I have
noticed that blender is missing a couple of interesting (I think so)
1- The trackers should be displayed in the Graph editor. It's useful when
you have long shots tracked and you want to smooth some parts. Also useful
to detect shakes in the camera.
2- Colour chooser with threshold. Apart of the very useful R,G and B
channels it would be awesome to have a colour picker to choose exactly the
colour we want to track in the pattern and that could be complemented with
a threshold value. We use this feature intensively and makes extremely easy
to track certain shots.
3- A graph showing how many trackers are "active" in each frame of the shot
so we can easily know in which frames we should put more effort. In one
axis we have the frames and in the other the number of active trackers.
4-Maybe this one could be applicable to other areas of Blender. When we are
going to use proxies we usually use other application to actually create
the proxies. That application is using our render farm to do the job, so
it's really fast. However in Blender we don't have the chance and it's damn
slow. Also I suspect the proxy generation stuff is not even multi-threaded,
is that right? So, a way to create the proxies in the render farm, if any,
would be very welcome.

Is there a way to "deactivate" a tracker for an specific frame(or group of
frames) so it's not evaluated during the solving?

And also I would like to know if there is an specific place to talk about
the tracking tools apart of this mailing list.



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