[Bf-committers] Hair rewrite

mat menu matmenu at live.fr
Wed Oct 29 12:59:00 CET 2014

Yes, the add brush has become a really bad tool to add instances. But it did the Job really well in 2.49.
The trick with vertices however doesn't allow random scaling and rotation. It is solvable by adding triangles instead of vertices, we went that rout in our studio with an addon that snaps, rotates and scales the triangles automatically. However, the real-time preview is neither available with that method and editing is tricky.
Using group instances is not an option for us as we use such rapid method for hundreds of thousands of instances and it leads to another limitation of Blender, an old but still existing one.
We purchased asset sketcher and it is nice for small scenes, unusable for big ones. We experienced big slow downs. I'm sure the author did his best, it's just not something for the Blender Python's API.
We already spoke with Campbell on IRC. that's why we come here. The add brush is just an example. But will all know Blender has quirks that can't stay for too long. BI was a good example of a soft that reached to much hack to be sustainable.
Our Studio really needs long-term perspectives and needs some lights from the BF for it.
	-Will the BF externalize code further to the markets? For anyone making a living with 3D paying some euros for an addon is not a problem. But most studios using Blender are small studios, who can't afford many C programmers. So C addons are no options as it would cost to much to get a programmer just to add the different C codes from different programmers and maintain the whole. We are left with Python addons that are most of the time limited in scalability. So in the end, it doesn't look like a viable long-term option to us.	-Is Gooseberry a mean to the goal "improve Blender" or is it the goal itself? We thought during the campaign that it would bring us much needed rewrites for a solid base to build upon. From what we heard the last weeks, it looks like the deadlines set for Gooseberry will be the priority and some cuts and compromises will be made on the code. We like love stories but it's not something that is missing on the market. I don't know what the other supporters think, but we at least here, intending to live from blender, supported to get a robust tool with a future. We see it as a threat to invert priorities. So please clarify what will be done with the money if not all goals are reachable. Quality and future of Blender or a love story?It is all donation so you do what you want, but please understand that some will have to feed their families and your decisions will impact that. So at least be clear on what the future looks like realistically so we can plan accordingly. 		 	   		  

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