[Bf-committers] Hair rewrite

Ronan Ducluzeau zeauron at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:29:16 CET 2014

"Add" brush of particles edit mode is presented and is used as a painting
instances brush.

Although there is no option to indicate a spacing between added instances;
it is simple and fast to use it to add precisely by one left click the
position of an instance. It is an addition + snapping + random size and
rotation tool at same time.

Unfortunately, when we are in particle edit mode, we cannot evaluate
correctly the minimum spacing necessary to avoïd overlapping of instances
if we cannot see them.
And since two release now, there is a quite annoying bug with "Add" brush
with mesh using subdivision modifier (which represent probably most of
objects, we are working on) : each time, we add a hair particle  in edit
mode, it is shifted or not added at all.
Particles developer is fighting with physics of dynamic hair for Gooseberry
and Particle Edit mode is not currently a priority.

So actually, the add brush is a really bad tool to add instances.

If you need a workaround, now.
I suggest you to use a simple vertex mesh as parent of your instance
object, to enable dupliverts and then to add vertices in mesh edit mode
with snapping tool enabled.
You can try to polish this technique by creating your own script.

Or you can purchase Asset Sketcher add-on on Blender Market that seems to
be really more powerful than the hair particles trick and without issues.

2014-10-28 11:28 GMT+01:00 jean menu <jeanmenue at gmail.com>:

> Hi, would it be possible to get the realtime display of hair particles
> instances in particle edit mode like in 2.49?
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