[Bf-committers] Muscle Rigging MVP implementation

Levon levonh at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 09:57:39 CEST 2014

Hi Zach.

I've tried using your patch, but I'm not sure it is patched against an
unmodified blender base.

Any chance you could make a new patch based on the current blender codebase?

Very keen to try it out.

Thanks, Levon

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> From: "Julian Eisel" <julian_eisel at web.de>
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> Hey Zack
> I'm glad to see somebody working on a real muscle system for blender.
> Other 3D apps have already shown, what a good muscle system can do, so
> it's really time to get one into Blender.
> >From your mail, I wasn't sure, what you tried to achieve. Did you try to
> find people to work on it (with or without you), or did you really only
> wanted to furnish your previous work for someone who may want to
> implement muscles in future?
> Actually, I already thought about implementing a muscle system, some
> time ago, but postponed it, as my personal playground became the UI code
> and I never did something in this area, before.
> Nevertheless, I would still be glad to work on this, so even if I'm
> currently weighed down with work and outstanding todos, you can count
> me in!
> It seems to me that you've already done most of the work, but before
> we continue, we should check if there are other methods/papers which
> might be better or fit better into blender (just to be sure). We should
> also make sure, the code is written in a way that makes it easy to change
> the algorithm later on (I just really quickly skimmed over the paper and
> the diff, but I'll have a deeper look, later).
> Thanks and keep up the good work!
> Severin
> Gesendet:?Sonntag, 12. Oktober 2014 um 07:49 Uhr
> Von:?"Zack Drach" <zackdrach at gmail.com>
> An:?bf-committers at blender.org
> Betreff:?[Bf-committers] Muscle Rigging MVP implementation
> Hello Blender developers,
> About 6 months ago, I implemented native muscle rigging in Blender for a
> class project at my university. Although it's not production ready, I
> figured that my code and design could help guide the decision to add
> rigging to Blender.
> At a high level, used the algorithm described here:
> http://cg.skeelogy.com/research/simplified-muscle-dynamics.php . I found
> the link to the paper in the GSOC 2013 ideas document.
> In terms of code modifications, I created a new DNA data structure called
> Muscle, and created some operators for creating muscles and attaching them
> to Bones. Integration with WeightPaint/Pose mode was also implemented.
> My final report (for the class) can be found here:
> And the diff can be found here:
> The design looks like it should work. The main blockers for implementation
> are 1) development resources (probably a couple hundred man hours) and 2)
> code complexity (eg. maybe it's worth cleaning up some of the armature
> before adding muscles).
> If muscle rigging becomes a development priority, hopefully these
> should help out. (Maybe these files can be put on the ideas wiki page?)
> Thanks,
> Zack Drach

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