[Bf-committers] Muscle Rigging MVP implementation

Julian Eisel julian_eisel at web.de
Mon Oct 13 00:04:08 CEST 2014

Hey Zack
I'm glad to see somebody working on a real muscle system for blender.
Other 3D apps have already shown, what a good muscle system can do, so
it's really time to get one into Blender.

>From your mail, I wasn't sure, what you tried to achieve. Did you try to
find people to work on it (with or without you), or did you really only
wanted to furnish your previous work for someone who may want to
implement muscles in future? 

Actually, I already thought about implementing a muscle system, some
time ago, but postponed it, as my personal playground became the UI code
and I never did something in this area, before.
Nevertheless, I would still be glad to work on this, so even if I'm
currently weighed down with work and outstanding todos, you can count
me in!

It seems to me that you've already done most of the work, but before
we continue, we should check if there are other methods/papers which
might be better or fit better into blender (just to be sure). We should
also make sure, the code is written in a way that makes it easy to change
the algorithm later on (I just really quickly skimmed over the paper and
the diff, but I'll have a deeper look, later).

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Von: "Zack Drach" <zackdrach at gmail.com>
An: bf-committers at blender.org
Betreff: [Bf-committers] Muscle Rigging MVP implementation
Hello Blender developers,

About 6 months ago, I implemented native muscle rigging in Blender for a
class project at my university. Although it's not production ready, I
figured that my code and design could help guide the decision to add muscle
rigging to Blender.

At a high level, used the algorithm described here:
http://cg.skeelogy.com/research/simplified-muscle-dynamics.php . I found
the link to the paper in the GSOC 2013 ideas document.

In terms of code modifications, I created a new DNA data structure called
Muscle, and created some operators for creating muscles and attaching them
to Bones. Integration with WeightPaint/Pose mode was also implemented.

My final report (for the class) can be found here:

And the diff can be found here:

The design looks like it should work. The main blockers for implementation
are 1) development resources (probably a couple hundred man hours) and 2)
code complexity (eg. maybe it's worth cleaning up some of the armature code
before adding muscles).

If muscle rigging becomes a development priority, hopefully these resources
should help out. (Maybe these files can be put on the ideas wiki page?)

Zack Drach
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