[Bf-committers] Annoucement: Better Collada Exporter for Blender!

Timur Ariman timur_ariman at yahoo.de
Sun Oct 12 22:27:14 CEST 2014

Hello Ton,Sergey,Juan, 

from a pure user standpoint ; 

one big hurdle regardless of file format(s) within Blender is that the python based import/exporter scripts are really slow, it takes in the worst cases a couple minutes to do a I/O of a "huge" file. 
It would be good to optimize first the speed of loading and writing files when it comes to interchanging files between different 3d programs.
for a start it would be great tom optimize obj..
this alone would tremendously help a lot of users  and suercases while the discussion over the game engine related fileformat(s) keeps ongoing.

for game engine related stuff;

the interest for
 the collada exporter is for UE4+Blender users  at the moment is rather slim due to the fact that collada isn´t inlcuded (yet?*) into Unreal... 

* Epic proposed to include the collada fileformat back a few month for Blender users if there is interest.

it seems that there is a new maintainer - Juan available for  an I/O Collada script in Blender available...
give it a try and also inform Epic of a possible collada solution so the users can test it in their engine.

maybe for "security" take the same route as the fbx fileformat got and add it as an "experimental Addon " so interested Blender users can easily activate it and switch between the already existing nowadays unmaintained collada code inside Blender and the new code which is maintained by Juan?!

I think this is a first possible start for a solution because then the users can more easily start battle testing the new collada code.

Juan Linietsky <reduzio at gmail.com> schrieb am 21:48 Sonntag, 12.Oktober 2014:

>    You seem to be somehow expecting a magic bullet. You can't write an
>exporter thinking that you will please every importer out there, specially
>for a format as ambiguous as Collada. The best you can do is to export a
>correct file and then work with those who have importers to make sure they
>are reading it properly. If users report an issue with an exported file not
>working with a specific DCC, first you make sure that the file is being
>exported correcty. If not, then the exporter is fixed (I take
>responsibility for that), but if the file is OK, then you instruct the user
>to talk with whoever is developing that software to properly support his
>file, offering coopeation (I also take responsibility for that). This is
>the only way something like this can work, and as far as I will get
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