[Bf-committers] Annoucement: Better Collada Exporter for Blender!

Juan Linietsky reduzio at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 21:48:41 CEST 2014


    You seem to be somehow expecting a magic bullet. You can't write an
exporter thinking that you will please every importer out there, specially
for a format as ambiguous as Collada. The best you can do is to export a
correct file and then work with those who have importers to make sure they
are reading it properly. If users report an issue with an exported file not
working with a specific DCC, first you make sure that the file is being
exported correcty. If not, then the exporter is fixed (I take
responsibility for that), but if the file is OK, then you instruct the user
to talk with whoever is developing that software to properly support his
file, offering coopeation (I also take responsibility for that). This is
the only way something like this can work, and as far as I will get

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