[Bf-committers] Annoucement: Better Collada Exporter for Blender!

Juan Linietsky reduzio at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 14:12:15 CEST 2014

Godot site is still under construction, but I've decided to publish my
Collada exporter by myself, given the lack of will to include it in Blender.

This plugin is very battle-tested, and files written by it can be read by
most DCCs and engines.
It's the most efficient, complete, mature, and featured Collada exporter
ever written for Blender.
It supports almost every Collada feature and several more than the built-in
one. Best of all, it's only 1400 lines of python code. No dependencies.

Feature list:

   - Export all supported nodes in the format:
      - Meshes
      - Lights (Omni, Directional, Spot and Ambient)
      - Cameras
      - Spline Curves (paths)
      - Armatures (mesh objects must be children of them).
      - Empty Objects
   - Bones with proper rest information.
   - Shape Keys
   - Combined Shape Keys + Armature deform.
   - Materials and Textures
   - Automatic handling of texture paths (conversion to relative).
   - Optional copying of textures on export.
   - Standard Extensions for double-sided geometry.
   - Standard Extensions for  normal maps.
   - Geometry Optimization (creation of indices and triangulation).
   - Export Masks (By Selection, Layer or Object Type).
   - Full animation support for objects, bones and shape keys.
   - Support for exporting all clips in the scene, including shape keys via
   set-driven keys.
   - Baking of curves and constraints during animation export.


[image: bc1]

[image: bc2]





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