[Bf-committers] building on windows weird things happen :(

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun Nov 30 13:35:15 CET 2014


So here is what i found so far:

1. This revision works: bcbbc66795e221474f889b7ab9b7320948aefdec

    I can make a fresh checkout/build and all runs well.
    I looked into the build folders and i found a directory


    This directory is created during the build. As a sidenote:
    The directorycontains subversion control files as well.
    I guess that is wrong ? But it does not disturb otherwise.

2. All newer revisions do not build (having different errors.)

3. Actually the current master revision only has an issue when it
    tries to install as it does not find the directory


4. I found a workaround how i can get the current
    master revision to build:

     - checkout bcbbc66795e221474f889b7ab9b7320948aefdec
     - make a clean build
     - checkout master
     - rebuild

The reason for why this work seems to be that the first build
creates the ...creator\2.72\pythondirectory. So when i switch
to master and reuse the same build folder, then this directory
already exists and the build can terminate successfully.

Maybe that helps to find the reason why building does not work
any longer ;-/


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