[Bf-committers] Corrupted git repo

Kévin Dietrich kevin.dietrich at mailoo.org
Thu Nov 27 15:09:51 CET 2014


Hi all, 

I'm having some error in my checkout of the main repo, I don't know when
exactly it came up the first time (since I use either a script or 'make
update'), but here's the error I get: 

(it appears when compressing the repo) 

error: inflate: data stream error (incorrect data check)
error: failed to unpack compressed delta at offset 73813442 from
error: failed to read object 2c5e98a291729c90c547cbd6ffa737155c2c3f72 at
offset 73813436 from
fatal: packed object 2c5e98a291729c90c547cbd6ffa737155c2c3f72 (stored in
.git/objects/pack/pack-357a7be37331f2e5675029adb2a7e6f226df4abb.pack) is
error: failed to run repack 

Anyone here having same kind of issue or is it my local repo screwing
things up? 

This makes me think that about a week ago I applied a patch from d.b.o
(D911) that apparently contains a corrupted png file, could that be it?
I did delete the branch but the issue still exists. 

Any help is, of course, appreciated. 



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