[Bf-committers] How to Create a Minimal Blender Build / Branch?

Brad Hollister behollis at soe.ucsc.edu
Tue Nov 25 00:50:18 CET 2014


Which parts of the source tree would be required for a minimalistic
build of Blender, such that it would only contain UI, polygon modeling
and .blend support for only geometry data? It would be nice not to
have to include the Python interpreter, but I assume it is required
for basic UI layout. (Obviously, many source files would also have to
be altered for this simplification of the source as well, from the
essential modules.)

I ask, because I'm designing a course in open source development for
computer graphics. It would be great to give students the opportunity
to work in a Blender branch that only contains minimal aspects of the
project to avoid early confusion, etc.


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