[Bf-committers] Network Render for Cycles

Jonas Eschenburg indyjo at gmx.de
Wed Nov 12 23:39:47 CET 2014

Hi Shaun,

I am developing BitWrk (http://bitwrk.net), a peer-to-peer distributed 
computing service, and I am using Blender rendering as my first use 
case. I've put a lot of effort into getting some things right, and I 
think I did a good job on handling linked resources, scripted drivers 
and tiled rendering. Maybe that's something that could help netrender?

It's all available under the GPL.


Am 11.11.14 07:43, schrieb Shaun Miller:
> Hi, my name is Shaun Miller and I have been working with Blender and Cycles
> for a while now...and it's really awesome.  I would like to help out, in
> particular with Network Rendering.  There is an addon by Marin Poirier that
> is listed as 'Stable but still work in progress'.  I am a systems
> administrator and developer, and feel that I could help improve on Network
> Render functionality.
> Could anyone point me in the direction on how to proceed to help improve
> the Network Render addon?  Thanks for your help!
> --Shaun Miller
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