[Bf-committers] Option to Pin an Object's Tools Panel

Nkansah Rexford nkansahrexford at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 19:25:48 CET 2014

When an object is added, it comes with its related options for tweaking as
seen in the Tools panel. Upon doing anything else to the object, like
scaling or rotating, those options vanish.

Is there a way to bring that particular options back? For instance, if I
set the Rings on the UV Sphere to be 10, but I later want it to be 20, can
I bring back that panel again without having to create a new Sphere again
to access those settings?

If not, can the workaround be to provide a 'Pin' option for such object
options, so that the user can explicitly pin that option never to vanish
even if one changes View Modes or whatever.

Its very, very frustrating and time wasting to make lots of tweak with an
addon like sapling, and mistakenly pressing something or merely even
scaling or rotating, one needs to start from scratch and make all the
settings again.

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