[Bf-committers] The patch D765 is important for us

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 3 22:13:39 CET 2014

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 7:48 PM, 裴雪柯 <yuzukyo at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Ton and campbell,
>     The IME support for windows Blender user in east asia are alway a
> problem for most ten years, and users asked add this feature in many place
> ,and so many times they do  feature request in the tracker. And we all know
> ton had words : let asia coder solver asia special problem. Now the patch
> are here :   https://developer.blender.org/D765 but not be accept because
> it's not solve all the paltform problem,

This is a misunderstanding,

I just wanted to know what platforms may potentially support IME in
the future. Since the code in the patch comes from Chrome which is
already multi-platform, It may not be such a big step to add support
for other systems, or at least plan support (after the patch is merged
into master).

I've replied in the patch tracker, on specifics.

> In China almost 99percent PC are
> running on Windows,so why this patch are focus on this platform. Maybe the
> Blender download static is the authority answer for the platform user used.
>    It's very clear that we who use chinese windows system need this patch,
> and linux users already have the IME support in blender.
>     Why this patch is very import important for us who use non-lantin
> system user, because we have the pain point on Windows IME support.We
> deploy the Blender in our work, and we can't name the object and project in
> our owe language via IME. if we choose blender in team work, it's means we
> must face a fact that there are not every one are familiar with
> english,most of them don't know the means which write in english. and if we
> use another system like PINYIN to name our blend file , the PINYIN system
> mostly like an one---many index thing. eg: I name a object use hebao in
> PINYIN , via IME will be 荷包 合抱 核爆 喝饱 何宝 etc. the different meanings of the
> PINYIN will make many trouble and reduce productive, this is why some team
> works can't deploy blender in work in china. For these reason we crowdfund
> and find Randon coded this patch, and we not rich, couldn't afford more
> energy in much big thing now.
>     If the Blender Fundation think this patch is not a perfact solution,
> why not do it for most ten years? "we have no needs for this,and users are
> not ask us do this" I think this is answer.
>     yes, just make a WM function. and why Fundation did a quick implement
> for this function? "we needs a stakeholder for this " answers maybe like
> this.
>     we now try to do something fit these ask and needs, don't push us
> away,thanks.
>     And this patch was testing well rencently and some of us use the test
> build in their work because they like input their own language, and many of
> us buy blendercloud and donate money for fundation for seeking the
> fundation's shelter.
> please don't treat this patch like a huge work to solve all the platform,we
> who creat this patch haven't this ability, and fundation too.
> A little suggestion : can we accept this patch for now ,then do a better
> plan and make the all in one solution in GSOC or so. thanks a lot!
> *sorry* for my bad english, this is why ten years I haven't mail blender
> fundation, because bad english writing andd spelling will result in
> misunderstanding, though communication is very important. But now this
> patch will intruduce much more little *studio and artists* *seriously *use
> Blender in china, so I'm speaking loudly. Hope you know this is very very
> important for us and for Blender use in China. thanks.
> --
> 裴雪柯
> kidux  Blendercn.org
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- Campbell

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