[Bf-committers] Normal Map issue.

R VR robertvan_r at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 3 09:34:49 CET 2014

Hello, I have a suggestion for what I feel would be a minor feature addition with large large upside. It has been raised by others, but has never been implemented for whatever reason.
When working with a mirrored symmetrical object with a uv map, the normals on the mirrored side are flipped in the red color I believe, which has a very undesirable result. One side is as expected and the other side is completely the opposite. When attempting to make photo-realistic skin pores on an animated character, in which as much uv space as possible needs to be allocated to the face, having a mirrored normal only enhances the level of detail that can be achieved, while having to map the entire surface to have the normals right is a real obstacle for that goal.
This issue is imposing a fairly reasonable obstacle in my workflow (as I'm sure is the case with others), I cannot work in progression with any symmetrical model in which normal maps are a large feature, which is often, seeing as how any texture I make while the object is mirrored and being tested will need to be completely and utterly redone down to the last pixel when it comes time to finalize the model. Not only this but I would also be losing detail in having to share space with the other half of the model.
If the mirror modifier had an implementation that automatically switched the normal map in the right direction for the mirrored side, this would take care of the issue, and seeing as how there are uv options already I don't feel like this would be a big step to take.
You guys are awesome!
Cheers, Rob. 		 	   		  

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