[Bf-committers] Redrawing Operator Dialog Boxes

Andrew Peel dev.andrewpeel at gmail.com
Fri May 30 21:00:01 CEST 2014

For the Fluid Designer Project we utilize Operator Dialog Boxes a lot. They
provide a quick and intuitive way of accessing properties. I am curious to
know how I would go about allowing the interface to redraw. Unlike Panels
the draw function only gets called once. So if I wanted to have a checkbox
that changes the way the dialog box is displayed I need to cancel the
operator then reopen the dialog box. In the API there is a check(context)
function that checks the operators settings and returns True to signal a
change to redraw. I believe this only redraws the editor space. Would it be
possible to have this redraw the dialog box interface as well, or would it
be possible to allow the operator dialog to redraw the same way panels do.

I am still learning how to navigate and modify Blenders Source, but I can
typically find what I need if I am pointed in the right direction. Any
information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also I have never used the Bf-committers mailing list, so if I should be
asking these types of questions somewhere else then please let me know.

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