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Have you watched the 2 videos I provided in the op? They barely touch the general use cases.  

Basically "Allow morphing from one mesh to another." is not a mundane trick. It can be used creatively for modelling purposes(or animation). For example you can sculpt changes on a copy of the mesh while you see the the sculpt additions in realtime on your "main" mesh. The main mesh can have various modifiers/mesh targets via multiple morph modifiers and the sculpted mesh can have various modifiers (except multires/remesh type) and even other MTMS , while being able to mix all these different results in realtime (even  in  sculpt mode) with weights maps and such. I believe that is very neat.

SK cannot show you results of another mesh's responding look on the main mesh in realtime, you have to manually transfer changes and turn them into shapekeys etc and still it wont be as powerful as a modifier like MTM, at least that is my take.

You need to create your shapekeys one by one in edit mode, and while you are in edit mode you neither can see other keys looks nor you can do mixing. That is also possible with MTM. With MTM you cna have a big palette of shapes and keep mixing in realtime without relying on static tools.  

Btw sculpt changes normally does not happen due to missing depgraph flag(based on my conversations with other devs). However you can force changes by just adding a dummy modifier like smooth mode with very small effect, say 0.0001 on your sculpted target mesh. This forces a scene update.(in the video I forgot to do that trick :))

I hope it helps.



27.05.2014, 14:47, "patrick boelens" <p_boelens at msn.com>:
> Ah,  I can see why having morphs apply after posing could be very useful. =) If that is the use-case though, wouldn't it make more sense to just have a "shapekey modifier" that lets you select a shapekey and use that data for the morph?
> Apologies if I'm missing something, but the way I'm envision MTM right now it does two (arguably unrelated) things:
> - Allow morphing the mesh at any level in the modifier stack.
> - Allow morphing from one mesh to another.
> The first is undoubtably a very welcome addition; I have seen the light and am convinced of that now! =)
> But the second option almost feels like a separate feature to me? While number one could be achieved with pretty much the "current system" (i.e.: target a shapekey), number two can not. Perhaps I'm envisioning the wrong use-case for this, but what if you made option two dependant on shapekeys as well? I.e.: In addition to the target (control object), have a field that allows you to select a shapekey from that target object. If the target object has no shapekeys it can default to the mesh as-is (like an implicit "Basis" key).
> Maybe I'm being pedantic now though (if so, please call me out on it!), but in my mind this feels a bit "cleaner" and like it's introducting less "clutter" in the sense of new features/ workflow. I.e.: a mesh morphs from shapekeys only, not shapekeys or meshes (or ...).
> Another 2 cents in the tip jar,
> Patrick
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>>  @Jakup
>>  I remember your thread. Your modifier could be a great addition as well. I believe that it has uses beyond motion graphic needs or fancy trendy animation. At this point I am not sure how we can merge both into a single thing. Please feel free to let me know what your thoughts on the issue of integration. And if you have a patch page where I can also see the code, that would be great.
>>  @List
>>  After going through the discussions here are my take on the general issue of morphing/shaping need
>>  * We definitely need a stack based morph controller
>>  --> This could be my modifier (I am going to refer the original post for actual details. MTM does not try to be SK or be a  SK replacement)
>>  --> Some another modifier
>>  --> Revamp  the existing SK system to achieve some of that
>>  * It would be nice to have some kind of shape transforming ability between arbitrary topologies/shapes.
>>  --> I feel like this should be the repsonsibility of the Shrinkwrap modifier, so we might need some additional work in that modifier
>>  --> Jakup`s modifier might achieve that, however the way it seems to work might not be suitable for all usage cases
>>  cheers
>>  kursad
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