[Bf-committers] SVN revision 59642: don' t show screen-space-line start/end points in operator redo panel

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Mon May 26 02:01:27 CEST 2014

On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 11:24 PM, Tamito KAJIYAMA
<rd6t-kjym at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote:
> Mouse coordinates are useful for quick and rough specification of a
> line/rectangle by clicking two points in the view port. In some cases
> roughly specified geometry is sufficient, while additional tuning of the
> specified line/rectangle by manual editing of the coordinates is desirable.
> For instance try to define a render border of 500-by-500 pixels. Mouse
> operation comes in handy for roughly defining the border of that size,
> but precisely doing so is hard without manual parameter tweaks.

Is this really so helpful?

If you want to enter some exact size to the render border I would
imagine you would want to adjust the render border directly.

There are 3 obvious cases you might want more precise control...

- Getting exact pixel dimensions
  (eg: render a 512x512px rectangle from a larger image)

- Rendering an exact division of the view
  (eg: bottom half, left side, exactly half the original size by
adding a margin)

- If you want to constrain to a fixed aspect ratio.

Being able to enter in mouse coords exactly doesnt help much with
either of these since screen coords don't map to camera view coords.

Having better ways to manipulate render border is reasonable, but I
think showing mouse coords isn't really giving the user a useful way
to do that.

> When defining a diagonal line, specifying a start point by a mouse click
> may be difficult and time to time you might want to slightly move the
> start point after you finish specifying the end point.
> I think the difficulty with mouse-based geometry specification is partly
> due to the lack of real-time feedback of the screen-space mouse
> coordinates (let me know if I am missing an existing functionality).
> Even with such a feedback, manual refinement after the initial
> line/rectangle definition still comes in handy (no so often but)
> certainly in some cases. Plus,

I think we could better have some custom widgets for this,
If a tool needs a line or rectangle, we could have a way to create
that and interactively edit it (constraint aspect, snap, numeric

> I guess the screen-space coordinate
> parameters showing up in the redo operation panel wouldn't appear
> bothering anyway.

Really rather not, the buttons and their values are near meaningless
from the users point-of-view.

> Best regards,
> --
> KAJIYAMA, Tamito <rd6t-kjym at asahi-net.or.jp>
> On 25/05/2014 19:50, Campbell Barton wrote:
>> These tools depend on view-port and mouse coordinates. They are only
>> meant to be accessed interactively.
>> Why do you want to access this?
>> On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 4:25 AM, Paolo Acampora <palucam at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I'm interested in this too as I find those parameters to be useful. Is
>>> there any hope to bring 'em back?
>>> Il giorno 17/mag/2014 18:23, "Tamito KAJIYAMA" <rd6t-kjym at asahi-net.or.jp>
>>> ha scritto:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I talked with a Blender artist who misses the X/Y Start/End parameters
>>>> of the Weight Gradient operator [1] that are no longer available in the
>>>> operator redo panel in Blender 2.69 and later. According to the Blender
>>>> revision history, these parameters have been marked as hidden since SVN
>>>> revision 59642 [2]. By the same commit, screen coordinate parameters of
>>>> the Render Border operator (Ctrl-B) do not appear in the redo panel.
>>>> What is the rationale of these functionality changes?
>>>> [1]
>>>> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modeling/Meshes/Vertex_Groups/Weight_Paint_Tools
>>>> [2]
>>>> https://developer.blender.org/rB02773c7f28616fcccb1ca60d2125c32b9fa86ed8
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