[Bf-committers] [developer.blender.org] [Edited] T37518: Blender Default Settings: Preferences

Paweł Łyczkowski pawellyczkowski at gmail.com
Thu May 15 19:35:34 CEST 2014

I agree. I also voted for Cursor Depth to be Off by default.

+1 for adding Cursor Depth toggle in the 3d View (in the 3d Cursor 
panel, in Properties sidebar, off by default).


> patrick boelens <mailto:p_boelens at msn.com>
> 15 maja 2014 16:30
> Hey everyone,
> I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but I'd like to take this 
> opportunity to quickly address the default option for "Cursor Depth" 
> (On), as well as the bigger topic of this mail which is a design 
> guideline proposal (for the UI team?).
> It seems the Auto Perspective option was disabled due to it being 
> frustrating for users. Two of the reasons gives in the Task [1] are:
> "
> * Blender is trying to make decisions for the user, this is OK as an 
> opt-in for users who like, but I think we shouldn't try to 
> second-guess user actions by default
> * Its really annoying when it does _NOT_ do what you want, and we got bug
> reports from users who wonder why their view ortho/perspective is
> changing
> "
> These are the same reasons I cited for my dislike of having Cursor 
> Depth on by default. Now I won't get into substantial arguments with 
> this again - we've been down that road - but I would like to openly 
> wonder if we could adopt this as part of the Blender design paradigm.
> "This" referring to: "Keeping control in the hands of user as much as 
> possible and, by extension, trying to limit Blender (second-)guessing 
> what the user wants to do."
> Don't get me wrong, Blender gets a lot of things right. But when I 
> click to position my 3D cursor in the center of the scene, I expect it 
> to go there, not on top of the default cube's surface. Likewise with 
> the auto perspective, which many people found annoying as well.
> I think the biggest problem with this kind of "predictive behaviour" 
> is it only makes sense in some cases, and when it doesn't it can feel 
> like an obstruction. Hence my proposal to try and keep this in mind 
> for the future when implementing predictive features like this.
> On a side-note, I am aware a lot of people agreed the Cursor Depth 
> option should be moved to a toggle button in the 3D View footer (I 
> might give this a go soon if nobody else wants to pick it up; sounds 
> like a fun, relatively easy thing to put in), but I thought this would 
> be a good opportunity to bring up this topic regardless.
> Hope I didn't step on anyone's toes and thanks for reading!
> Cheers,
> Patrick
> [1] https://developer.blender.org/T40153
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> **Continuous Grab:** ON
> This makes it possible to freely drag number values even if the value 
> is close to the edge of the screen.
> Also fixes issues with the number fields where they exponentially 
> loose precision the more you drag them.
> (This was previously left off by default because of an issie with 
> Wacom tablets on OSX that is now fixed.)
> **Compute Device**: CUDA
> (Makes sure CUDA-acceleration happens by default)
> **Window Draw Method**: Overlap
> This means that the content of views don't move around when you enable 
> Tool (T-key) or Region (N-key) panels.
> **Auto Perspective**: ON
> Most of the time when switching to a side view or top view, you'd want 
> it to be orthogonal.
> Any others?
> http://developer.blender.org/T37518
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> hjaarnio, dingto, oenvoyage, plyczkowski

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