[Bf-committers] I am attempting to improve Blender's Outliner and I could use some help.

john bartle johnbartle at live.com
Thu May 8 15:05:44 CEST 2014

Campbell Barton = CB
CB>Using Python to filter outliner results is asking for troubles IMHO,
CB>outliner can have many 1000s of items and already gives us speed
CB>troubles on larger scenes.
I agree. I do not like the idea of using an additional step of
code tranlation, namely, the Python interpreter. But I was hoping
that an efficient algorithm would counter the overhead of Python, as
well as the problem of updating 1000s of items. I was planning on
devising a way to only update what is actually necessary and when
it's actually necessary.
CB>So not sure this is a good project we would even accept if it were finished
I agree and understand. I don't know that my finished project would 
meet the Blender Foundations standards. I am totally ok with this.
I am just trying to gain some experience with programming, as well
as have a little fun, and gain some familiarity with the Blender
codebase(for future projects). I assume that I will probably need
to do some major revisions to my code once completed, and I am ok
with that. Also, this could take a loooong time for me.
CB>If you propose to make some addition to the outliner it would be good
CB>to detail whats missing with the outliner.

Right now I just have a preliminary design in mind. I was planning on
improving my design(even drastically if necessary) as I go along. But
I have some notes and an image outlining what I am thinking of 
implementing. If you or Joshua are interested I can either email you
the OpenOffice .odt file or transfer it through irc or maybe pm you
through Blenderartists.org. Just let me know... 

CB>If you try some project which is too advanced for your skill level,
CB>often you'll have a hard time getting help.

Considering that the probability of me either failing or my code not
being accepted, I would say that if my questions(current and future) 
require to much effort to answer then I wouldn't really expect any 
response intended to resolve my questions. It would, however, be nice 
if someone let me know that my questions require to much effort to answer.
I understand that you guys are busy, and you don't want to exert effort
into a lost cause. 
Just know that I am only expecting pointers, and general answers.
This shouldn't be too much trouble for anyone. "Uncle Entity" on
BlenderArtists.org gave me that and more!

CB>Suggest try get some smaller patch finished and accepted first,
CB>Added a quick-hack task for the outliner which might interest you.
Well.... See, I have a psycholigical ailment that makes thinking and
remebering difficult. I kind of have to stick with one task for
right now. I figure that I am motivated by what I'm currently doing
and I seem to be learning the outliner code - so I figure that if
my psychological condition is forcing me to decide then I choose
my project. However, if I weren't sick I would gladly do both at the
same time.
Lastly I think the view2d.c file is the "draw_outliner" function, and
the View2d struct is the answer I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time sir!
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Subject: RE:RE: I am attempting to improve Blender's Outliner and I could use some help.
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this is a test
From: johnbartle at live.com
To: bf-committers at blender.org
Subject: I am attempting to improve Blender's Outliner and I could use some help.
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