[Bf-committers] Mask-based extraction modifier

Roberto Roch thisroomthatikeep at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 12:28:23 CEST 2014

Those features are already available in SculptTools addon, and I guess the
meshextract script you linked to is part of it.

Just press f6 after extraction or look at the last operator panel and
you'll be able to select the extraction mode (solid, single sided, flat),
thickness and smoothing.

On 17 June 2014 12:12, Crs Mrn <mahri726 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi. Someone did a script that could create geometry from mask, in the same
> way as it is done in Zbrush, to create clothes for characters.
> https://github.com/MadMinstrel/blender-sculpt-tools/blob/master/meshExtract.py
>     I was wondering if this script could be made into a modifier, with more
> advanced features such as thickness, single side extract etc. This kind of
> modifier would be pretty useful in some cases, in sculpting pipeline. (see
> Zbrush examples).
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