[Bf-committers] BGE developer meeting

brita britalmeida at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 03:56:00 CEST 2014

The meeting went through and quite some people showed up to weight in their
opinions. Thank you all, it is good too see the interest on the project.
Here is the summary of the meeting, the wiki will be updated accordingly:

We reviewed the planning presented on the roadmap

In short, the 2.7x series is a maintenance release, the defined priorities
for Mitchell Stokes and Inês Almeida to work on until August are:
- fix regressions
- fix upsetting problems and things that should be working that affect the
current users of the game engine, provided that it does not take too long
(these are short term goals). If the fix involves a big time effort, then
it is left as a ToDo in the wiki:
At this point there are too many flaws, to many things, and it is best to
group them so they can be tackled as a whole more efficiently.
- make a reasonable effort to have existing patches and branches reviewed.
This effort should be on both sides, Mitchell Stokes will invest more of
his time on giving feedback and the authors should cooperate by having the
patches submitted in phabricator, mergeable and by implementing the
requested changes. Currently there are 40 pending tasks on phabricator and
the current known branches are listed here:
- UI cleanup to match better with the possibilities that the GE has to
offer and with the rest of Blender interface
- investigate using Blender physics instead of the current BGE
implementation that is responsible by nearly half the bugs in the tracker

The overview for the 2.8x series and the integration:
- the one thing that we all agreed on is that we do not have a good clear
vision to aim for. This big picture is needed to keep everyone motivated
and knowing what to do. We discussed many problems, common requests and
ideas and it still needs more discussion. We will keep talking among each
other and we will setup a new meeting in a couple of weeks to continue the
discussion and to check on the progress of the short-term tasks.

Monday 9 June 2014 - BGE developer meeting summary

Thank you all,
Inês Almeida

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