[Bf-committers] replacement for DXF-importer script

Remigiusz Fiedler migius at gmx.net
Sun Jun 8 13:33:14 CEST 2014

a new DXF-importer based on "dxfgrabber" library is under development
by Lukas Treyer:

He has been working on it since December and with minimal support from
me he was able to complete it quite well. I am going with him over
bugfix iterations and can confirm it very good level of completeness
and stability.
Lukas is going to continue the development and support bugfixing in
the future too. This is great!
I can recommend his version as replacement for the official (very
limited) importer for the next Blender release (2.71) and I will
upload it to main repository if you agree :)
DXF importer manual page on blender wiki will be updated shortly.



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