[Bf-committers] Track weight animation

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Wed Jun 4 02:19:26 CEST 2014


related to my 2d Stabilizer stuff, I am having problems getting animation
within the movie clip editor to work. Probably I just overlook something
very basic or obvious...

Anyway, I could add an action on the track weights, or on my new control
parameters I added to the 2D stabilization -- simply by defining Keyframes
in the GUI. Also, when playing back *within* the Movieclip editor, this
animation is performed as expected.

But I am unable to add this animation e.g. to the NLA editor, or to
get it into a F-curve editor. I can see the action in the outliner
as action belonging to my current clip, and I can even see it in
as choice for an adding an NLA strip, but I can't actually add
such a strip, since there needs to be an corresponding top-level
for the animated ID-block, and I didn't find any way to create
such an entry in the NLA editor for this clip.

And a -- maybe / probably related -- problem is, that my animation
data is *not* performed, when playing back the stabilized clip from
the sequence editor, or the compositor, or when trying to render it.

How is this supposed to work? Any hints where to look in the source
for "inspiration"? Do I maybe have to add or register my new properties
or the track weights in some way somehow somewhere in the system, for
them to show up for animation editing in the usual way?

thanks for any hints an information

Hermann V.

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