[Bf-committers] bundling RNA API headers with Blender?

Paolo Acampora palucam at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 19:01:08 CEST 2014

I think I understand these reasons, yet it's not just Lux, Yafaray and
Octane, there's also katana, nuke, cortex, and whatever system existing out
there. What about custom constraints and modifiers? To me using the python
interpreter to pass C++ entities outside may be a tasty and feasible way to
expand blender in not yet (much?) explored ways. It's basically what I did
to pass blender textures to freestyle, but without having to build the
whole thing. And it's not just me, as this is one of the most popular
requests from the industry. I think a C++ API is not an option for many
reasons, but thanks to the availability of the whole source code, expanding
the interpreter could be the way to go.

Since this does not seem to be a foundation goal it would be nice for users
to set up an as much automated and stable as possible environment and see
how it works and what API extensions are needed. This could indeed turn
into the last point you wish at the end of your answer, wich I can't see
happening otherwise.


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