[Bf-committers] Proposal: 2D handler for Compositor

Sam Vila samvila at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 19:12:39 CEST 2014


After seeing the new sunbeams node I just notice that it would be VERY
handy to have a node in the compositor to display a handler that you can
move around the screen and provide coordinates to be plugged into other
nodes. Right now the only alternative is click on the values and drag, drag
and drag until you reach the right values, as far as I know Blender is the
only compositor tool that doesn't have direct feedback on the effects by
not having handlers.
By having a handler node that you can plug with other nodes you could speed
up a lot the process of setting up other nodes, here's a list of nodes that
could benefit from this:

- Sunbeam
- Scale
- Translate
- Rotate
- Crop
- Displace
- Transform
- Corner Pin
- Box Mask
- Ellipse Mask
- Directional Blur

As you can see there's several nodes that could benefit of having this new
node, the usability of all these nodes and futures ones would be increased
very much.

Another inconsistency I notice is the fact that after you enter in the
compositor editor you need to click on the checkbox: Use nodes to start
using the nodes, this is very silly design cause if you don't click that
option you cannot use any meny in that editor or do anything so basically
you're FORCED to check that box to start using the tool, it might be
something trivial but it doesn't have any sense to have that option and
click on it, it's 100% redundant and things like this makes more difficult
for new users to adapt into blender.

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