[Bf-committers] Two issues with MD5 checksums for source downloads

Matthew rnddim at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 02:15:47 CEST 2014

Hello, I want to bring up a couple of issues I've noticed for a while concerning the checksums provided for blender's source downloads.

The first, quite minor, issue is that there is no actual download link for the md5sum file. My workaround so far is to copy the link to the mirror I use, and edit out the tarball to see the directory of blender releases and their checksum files. It would be nice if the link was provided for you, though :) .

The second, more serious, issue is that the checksum in the file is formatted incorrectly. It should either be in the GNU `md5sum` style, which is

    510f47f0b79a5dd85c2ce498d5fa898c blender-2.71.tar.gz

, or the BSD `md5` style, which is

    MD5 (blender-2.71.tar.gz) = 510f47f0b79a5dd85c2ce498d5fa898c

. However, blender currently stores its checksum as so:

    (blender-2.71.tar.gz) = 510f47f0b79a5dd85c2ce498d5fa898c

This missing "MD5" makes it impossible for my `md5sum` program to properly parse the file. Either of the valid formats are fine by me, as either of them are understood by `md5sum`.

I hope these two issues will be easy enough to fix. Thanks for continuing to work on blender!


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