[Bf-committers] Mulltiview Status and Roadmap [proposal]

Fazekas László mneko at freemail.hu
Fri Jul 11 23:18:58 CEST 2014

I'm really waiting for this feature. I've some experience with 
programming stereo view modes and perhaps I could help you in testing, 
debugging and perhaps in programming too. Only I won't have enough time 
before September.

As a programming experience, it is essential to get the viewport's pixel 
accurate display coordinates. This is required for interlaced and 
checkerboard modes. Also you need to handle the window reposition 
events. I don't know how Blender handles these things now, usually this 
is not important for normal programs.

I think the 3d view rendering should be as flexible as possible. Imagine 
the monitor surface as a general plane in front of the eyes (not 
perpendicular, horizontal, parallel etc.) Then it is possible to support 
eye tracking hardware in a next step.

Laszlo Fazekas

2014-07-11 20:27 keltezéssel, Dalai Felinto írta:
> Hi,
> [now that the Cup is over *cough*] I'm done drafting the roadmap for
> multiview in Blender.
> I'm still waiting for the feedback from two core collaborators, but
> those plans are already based on previous design discussions and
> decisions made with Brecht Van Lommel and Francesco Siddi in the past.
> I'm not a believer of design-by-comittee but I think openness is
> essential during open source project and new core collaborators are
> always welcome. So if you have any comments you can add them in the
> google doc below:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bX_69zbZ9KJCozmiQMD-FSwvMXyJEqChSlSRLiUU0As/edit#heading=h.pvbmks2phm2h
> (if there are actually long discussions I will move the proposed
> topics to the Blender Tracker to be discussed there, though I believe
> it won't be necessary)
> Regards,
> Dalai
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> blendernetwork.org/dalai-felinto
> www.dalaifelinto.com
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