[Bf-committers] Running Blender from Command Line skips Auto Execution of Driver Scripts

Chris Lee infin8eye at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 06:06:58 CEST 2014

I was advised I may be able to get a definitive answer here. I was trying
to solve this issue on Monday and I think I did. I would like input about
what I found and whether or not this is a bug in Blender or intended


Basically Blender normally allows you to have drivers that contain auto run
scripts, such as what I have done.

Recently it was pointed out as a security vulnerability, that opening an
untrusted file from the web, could run a hidden python script on the user's
machine without them knowing.

So by default it is now disabled, but there is an option in the user
preferences to enable it by default.
Here, under Auto Execution:

It appears though that there is an oversight, and running a command line
blender instance, will do so before the auto execute option is enabled.
Which means the script my programmer wrote will open Blender and run
through it's process, but the drivers will not work, that I had put in
place to control an object related to another object, controlled by the

So as mentioned here, you can force scripts to run using -y at the end of
the command prompt:

I had also followed the link within Blender regarding Auto Execution.
I followed the link to here:

So I don't know if this may help within a command line run blender python
script if -y is not used:


On Monday absolutely nobody I talked to online could advise me (apart from
the kind chap who suggested I check the mailing list, and that it had come
up in another thread here). Partly because I am in Sydney Australia and all
of Europe would have been asleep, so irc was quiet. I am hoping that
somebody here actually knows how this works.

Please get back to me with your thoughts.

Kind Regards,
Chris "*Chips*" Lee
Mobile: 0410155111

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