[Bf-committers] Updating OCIO luts in runtime

Andrew Hunter andrew at aehunter.net
Mon Jan 27 15:27:07 CET 2014

On Jan 24, 2014 4:17 PM, "Björn Sonnenschein" <green at unitybox.de> wrote:
> By the way, does anyone know how to work with .cube luts coming from
> davinci resolve in ocio properly and in which color space they have to
> be applied? I have tried this one
> http://www.captainhook.co.nz/blackmagic-cinema-camera-lut/
> by creating a new pseudo color space which interprets the input image as
> sRGB, converts it into Blender´s Linear space and then applies the lut,
> but this does not create the right results (You may simply try it out
> with the image pairs on the website if you like).

Having a lut node is a great idea!

That lut requires the image to be in BMD Film space, a camera referred log
space.  Data needs to be that space in Blender to look correct under that

Linearizing assuming sRGB, then applying that lut in a linear gamma space
will never give you correct results. (unless it's an aesthetic decision)

Scene linear is very important for compositing CG elements when trying to
make them respond like real world things, not entirely for camera or
display referred imagery.



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