[Bf-committers] About default values

Harley Acheson harley.acheson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 17:32:26 CET 2014


Sure, I was a little peeved that those patches were not accepted, but what
really soured me was that in all this time later the "reset defaults" menu
has not been removed as mentioned and the "to-do" item has not been edited,
either of which would take moments to do. Taken together it shows a
that discourages contribution.

Harley Acheson

> > Note that Harley Acheson made a large effort in this direction, but
> seemed
> > to have trouble getting it accepted, see the thread here:
> >
> http://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-committers/2013-January/038965.html[1]
> > and the patch he made here:
> > https://developer.blender.org/T32894 [2]
> >
> > Maybe make sure of the destiny of your efforts before you put them in...
> >

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