[Bf-committers] Blenderplayer & OpenGL ES (from the Android port)

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Wed Jan 8 16:57:53 CET 2014

Hi everybody,

In a follow up to a recent thread about if Blender on Android is still 
alive I have been looking for the code in the swiss cheese branch.

It's a bit fuzzy what the status is currently but I was thinking the 
code must contain a openGL ES compatible implementation. So this code 
should be compilable on a regular (linux) machine with an ES compatible 
video chip.

If this is doable an implementation of the BGE should be very simple on 
for example the RaspberryPI.

So I installed libgles on a debian machine (apt-get install 
I checked out the swiss cheese branch and tried to compile it with the 
added cmake options:

It stops on:
w.h:39:22: fatal error: GL/realgl.h: No such file or directory
  #include REAL_GL_MODE

Apparently I'm missing some files...

Does anybody have any experience with this and could perhaps have better 
insight into getting the ES rasterizer running?

An android port would be interesting but harder than just running the 
BGE on arm devices with an ES video chip. Having a working ES 
implementation would be a first step to an Android implementation. And a 
RaspberryPI would be good device to target for developing a GLES rasterizer.


w: http://www.sphaero.org
t: http://twitter.com/sphaero
g: http://github.com/sphaero
i: freenode: sphaero_z25

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