[Bf-committers] Compiling with minGW/scons gets Python BOOST/CMATH error

Derek Stodghill dereksthered at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 3 21:37:29 CET 2014

I am trying to compile blender using minGW 64 and scons. I may have messed up the steps along the way but I think I've got it downloaded correctly. The issue now seems to be with OOTB python 2.7 getting in the way of CMATH. I think it's related to this.

Here's the error message.

Compiling ==> 'Functions0D.cpp'

In file included from c:\mingw\include\c++\4.8.2\random:38:0,
                 from c:\mingw\include\c++\4.8.2\bits\stl_algo.h:65,
                 from c:\mingw\include\c++\4.8.2\algorithm:62,
                 from source\blender\freestyle\intern\view_map\../geometry/BBox.h:32,
                 from source\blender\freestyle\intern\view_map\Silhouette.h:40,
                 from source\blender\freestyle\intern\view_map\ViewMap.h:35,
                 from source\blender\freestyle\intern\view_map\Functions0D.cpp:30:
c:\mingw\include\c++\4.8.2\cmath:1093:11: error: '::hypot' has not been declared

   using ::hypot;

Any help would be appreciated.


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