[Bf-committers] Are you coding in screen_ops.c or DNA_screen_types.h?

W. Nelson indigitalspace at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 3 04:32:11 CET 2014

If you are working in those files, I found the VSE sequencer/preview toggle bug and it's there it seems.
It's primarily in screen_ops.c, function: area_max_regionsize() and not in VSE code.
The function was never designed for a horizontal space, only for a vertical space it seems.
And the VSE sequencer/preview space is the only horizontal + tab pull down/up space in Blender.
This is the major part of the bug, the jumping size part, where it doesn't let you slide it, it just opens full.
Then there is some VSE logic to also fix after that for consistent behavior.

So I will be hacking away at that code.  Please let me know if you are there too so we can coordinate.
Or if you have any familiarity with that particular file and function tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This bug is totally annoying for VSE users so it will be nice to have it fixed.

Thanks, JTa

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