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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Thu Feb 27 18:04:31 CET 2014


There are a lot of good pages on the developer section at wiki.blender.org.
Especially check out on:

- how to get blender compiled
- docs about code structure, architecture
- todo list, also for 'easy' tasks
- bug tracker, patches, reviews
- the pages for how to connect to module teams

For some people 'getting started' goes very fast, especially when they already bring in experience with CG or tools. But it always totally depends on the person itself. Just get prepared for a lot of hard work :)

Ask yourself the question "What could you contribute to the best of your abilities". That we can't for you.


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On 27 Feb, 2014, at 10:58, Hunor Nyéki wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Sorry if it's not the appropriate list to post my question. I read that 
> the Blender
> Foundation is accepted to the Google Summer of Code event, and i would 
> really like to
> apply as a developer. I am interested in computer graphics, and i have 
> used Blender fro years.
> My question is: how long would it take me to get started with developing 
> Blender?
> I am fairly experienced with c++, i know a bit of Python and OpenGL and 
> I consider myself a quick learner.
> I am a bit scared, I have never worked on such a big project.
> Thank you for your answer in advance,
> Hunor
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