[Bf-committers] Toggle rendering of OpenGL particles on and off from properties display preference.

Scott Jenkins scottj at nik.com
Thu Feb 20 18:58:15 CET 2014

Hi Everyone,

	I submitted a small patch to allow for the toggling on and off of the particle system.  On my mac my i7 would kick down and the fan would turn on when working with particles of almost any size.  The patch doesn’t make the particles go away so when working on the mesh there still will be cpu load if it is a high particle system but while doing primitive operations like translate, rotate and scale it improves performance dramatically.  

	It also allows for a scene with quite a bit of hair to get the figure of the mesh without having the view area cluttered up.  I was also thinking of setting up a global override of the particle percentage display.  That would be a possible enhancement to this work.

	The setting is found in the properties pane and under display.  Right under the Render Only toggle.

Below is the description on the patch.

This is just a simple patch that allows someone to toggle off the rendering of the particle systems.  If one is rendering a large number of particles it can take significant resource to view it.  This is especially helpful for a scene with lots of hair meshes that can be toggled off with the flick of a button.  It is also helpful just to double check the form of a mesh without having to reconfigure the display percentage.  If you have a number of objects this is especially helpful.  


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