[Bf-committers] Degrees, radians, and drivers

Hadrien Brissaud hadriscus at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 13:45:54 CET 2014


I hope this is the place to post this, anyway, I have a concern for
consistency about how rotations are displayed across Blender. I understand
internally everything i handled in radians, and the drivers use radians
too, however by default the UI shows rotations as degrees, which becomes
misleading as soon as you want to use a rotation value in a driver.
Furthermore I would assume most people use degrees over radians - but I
have absolutely no number to back this up.
Since Blender gives the user a choice whether to use degrees or radians,
drivers should work with one or the other unit depending on which one is
set in the scene properties. It raises another issue : if the unit of
choice is changed after creating a rotation driver, the keyframe values are
suddenly off. They could be converted automatically in this case.

Just a thought. A while ago I spent an entire day trying to figure out what
was wrong with my rotation driver, so it might be good to clear it up, also
streamlining the system at the same time.



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