[Bf-committers] Bundling Python `requests` module for 2.70

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 04:35:49 CET 2014

This is coming a bit late in the release cycle, but I've been asked to
review an addon for Sketchfab, to see if we can include in 2.70.

The addon its self is quite small and wont be enabled by default,
however its using a python module called `requests`.

Most likely this can be used by other scripts too since its a popular module.

Bundling this isn't such a problem since this is pure python (just zip
it up and include in lib/ for OSX, MS-Windows, Linux can copy from
from Python's install dir).

However this will take some work to update scons and cmake, and
testing it works.

Theres the issue of incresed size, did a quick test and it bzip2's
down to 342kb,
Though much of the space is used by `cacert.pem`,  without that file its 180kb

I did a quick check and seems that file is optional since you can use
cacerts provided by the system instead (but not totally sure at the

So I'm proposing to include the Python module,
I'll setup SCons and CMake for Linux and Windows and upload requests
archive to lib/, but will need someone else to handle OSX or at least
test it works ok.

To be clear, Blender wont execute anything extra by default on
startup, this just makes a Python module available for scripts to use
if they need, and increases Blender's download size.


Extra info.

Addon URL if anyones interested:

Requests website:
- Campbell

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