[Bf-committers] Proposed Noise Modifier

Paulo José Amaro pauloup at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 01:16:36 CET 2014

Patrick, this is one of the most wanted features I ever seen. Also It's
amazing to see how well you did the UI for this modifier.

My suggestion is to include another noise options from F-Curve's Noise
Modifier, like "phase", "scale" and "depth". I'm not sure if they are
applicable to a mesh modifier, but I hope they are just the same options
applied to space domain, not time.

Also it would be interesting to provide a seed interpolation option. This
could be done using the average between top and floor functions of the seed
value. Lets say seed "1.6" is 40% seed "1" and 60% seed "2". So it would be
possible to animate smoothly from a seed to another.

Thank you for doing this! I hope I can test this patch... it will be my
first attempt with patches

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