[Bf-committers] Updating OCIO luts in runtime

Bjoern Sonnenschein green at unitybox.de
Tue Feb 11 11:41:58 CET 2014

tamerlan311, I have found your lut node recently.

That's a very useful thing in my opinion. Made it compile with blender
trunk and gave it a try. Loading LUT files instead of using the internal
ones makes sense to me because such a node might be used for applying
custom made LUTs more often than for real color space conversions.

I guess having both options might be the better idea, though converting
color spaces in a node setup easily is a good thing if you want to work
in a different color space in parts of your node tree (Thinking about
bilateral blur, curves, color balance etc. which are often desired to be
used in sRGB instead of linear space and it is also necessary to get
into the right input color space the lut is made for). So maybe even
both, loading a custom lut as well as choosing a color space conversion
or look from blender should be supported in some way. 

And there's a bug with the filepath: The node does not work with
relative filepaths. The question is how to handle this. Maybe the best
is to convert the path to absolute by the ApplyLUTOperation while
passing the path to the transform object. This makes sure that the user
can still open the LUT as relative or absolute path in the UI.

I hope that I will have some time to work on the whole thing when the
exams at university are over if you're still interested in that. 

Best regards,

Am Sonntag, den 26.01.2014, 20:36 +0400 schrieb tamerlan311:

> LUT profile may be designed for any input color space (linear, srgb or
> other).
> Apply profile in the wrong color space does not give the correct result.
> Many color graded profiles that i have met (cine style or LUT presets from
> adobe photoshop CS6) based on sRGB color space.
> Further, there are many implications of color transforms that are
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